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Lightweight Concrete

Aditya's Light Weight Concrete is a low-density concrete as low as 800-1800kg/cum. It replaces the conventional system of bricks or block laying, which is highly time-consuming.

In Aditya's LWC, the uniform distribution of EPS beads provides durable concrete covering large surface areas simultaneously. Hence, It eliminates the risk of improper distribution of concrete and cracks

Reduces dead load on existing structures primarily, helping optimise design cost

Better thermal and sound insulating capability than standard concrete and brickbat coba (Low thermal conductance). 

Ease of placement. 

Much faster and time-saving solution when the surface is ready to use within 24 hours

Easily pumpable to necessary horizontal and vertical distances >40m

Exceptionally low densities are obtainable - up to 800kg/cum

More consistent and a better alternative to "Foam concrete"

Easy to repair and maintain

Very low risk of shrinkage cracks


Filling of areas like sunken portions, backfilling and void filling

Lightweight floor and roof screed

Thermal insulation

Slope maintenance for terrace overlay systems

Other light structural requirements





 2300 to 2600 +/- 50kg/cum


300 to 400mm

Water absorption

5 to 10%

Concrete Properties

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