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PP Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Aditya's PPFRC is ready to mix polypropylene fibre-reinforced concrete. It helps to control shrinkage and micro cracks at an early stage. Thus it improves the overall quality of your structures. 

Our homogenous concrete is premixed with uniformly distributed poly fibres.

Hence, Pumping of Aditya's PPFRC is easy!

More durable and ductile concrete

Low segregation- homogenous concrete with improved cohesion

Controlled cement slurry bleeding reduces voids and micro-cracks

Controlled plastic; Drying shrinkage and settlement cracks

Abrasion, impact and fatigue resistance

Reduces spalling

Better energy absorption


Flat and Sloping roof slabs, Beams, Ultra-thin slabs, and shear walls

High-grade concrete expecting high shrinkage

Screed, parking lots, society roads, walkways, car porches





2300 to 2400 +/- 50kg/cum


80 to 150mm

Compressive Strength

28 Days)- 20 to 60 + N/sqmm

Concrete Properties

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