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Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Aditya’s Steel Fibre Reinforced ready mix concrete has increased ductility. It allows you to bear superior loads with an economical and safer floor.

Reduces site labour - No steel cutting, bending and placing efforts

Speeds up the schedule of floor construction compared to mesh reinforcement

Excellent crack control due to full-depth 3D support

Increase load-bearing capacity due to redistribution of stress

Improved post-crack behaviour due to increased ductility

Does not require steel bars or wire mesh - No purchase and storage cost


Structural floors and slabs rested on the ground with a thickness of>100mm

Basement floors and screed

Industrial floors

Commercial floors- Warehouses and Showrooms

Housing pavements, society roads and parking lots 

Heavy load access pavements





2300 to 2600 +/- 50kg/cum


80 to 150mm

Compressive Strength

(28 Days)- 20 to 40 + N/sqmm

Concrete Properties

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