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Concrete by Concept

Produce high quality concrete in the industry in an environmentally friendly background with 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Vision of RMC Division

To be the premier provider of quality ready-mix concrete and related services while acting in the best interest of our employees, customers, shareholders, and the community.

Mission of RMC Division

 We carefully select and procure raw materials for your concrete from reliable and reputable sources, which leads to better concrete performance, durability, and longevity, as well as reduced risk of cracks.


We are composed of individuals with diverse technical skills and knowledge who can collaborate effectively with you to solve any technical challenges and develop solutions for your concrete needs.



We perform systematic and objective evaluations of our concrete to ensure they meet our high standards. Our quality checks identify any defects, errors, or deviations from our specified quality standards and allow for corrective actions before they are delivered to you.


Concrete Needs?

Why come to us for your

Some of our esteemed RMC Clients

Build easy and fast construction projects with Aditya's Self-Compacting Concrete. It can spread and level itself without needing too much help from workers.

Self-Compacting RMC

Build safe and affordable floors with Aditya's Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete. It is strong and can handle heavy weight without breaking.

Steel Fibre Reinforced RMC

Take control of your timeline with Aditya's Longer Retention Concrete. It allows you to delay the concrete setting process whenever you need to during your project or construction work.

Longer Retention RMC

Improve the quality of your buildings or projects with Aditya's PP Fibre Reinforced Concrete. It prevents shrinking and small cracks from forming in your structures.

PP Fibre Reinforced RMC

Be sure your concrete is at the right temperature for the job with Aditya's Temperature-Controlled Concrete. It can adjust its temperature to match the needs of your project.

Temperature-Controlled RMC

Replace traditional insulation materials and reduce the overall weight on your existing structures with Aditya's Lightweight Concrete. It is lighter in weight than regular concrete.

Light-Weight RMC


Self-Dynamic Concrete

Made with cement that contains microorganisms, which are activated when the concrete cracks and comes into contact with water. It can heal itself and repair cracks without human intervention.

Pavement Quality Concrete

High-quality aggregates, cement, and water, which are carefully selected and mixed, to achieve higher compressive strength and durability. It is used on roads, highways, and other transportation infrastructure.

 High Strength Concrete

Made up of high-quality cement, aggregates, and water that are carefully selected and mixed to achieve high compressive strength. It is ideal for high-rise buildings, bridges, and dams.

Waterproof Concrete

Cement, aggregates, and water are combined to achieve a low water-to-cement ratio. Often used in basements, tunnels, and swimming pools, It can prevent water from penetrating and damaging structures.

Corrosion Controlled Concrete

Made with corrosion inhibitors, along with the concrete mix. It extends the lifespan of concrete structures in harsh environmental conditions, such as saltwater or acidic environments.

Polymer Concrete

Made with a polymer resin instead of cement. It provides better resistance to chemicals, water, and temperature changes. Industrial flooring, bridge decks, and wastewater treatment facilities frequently use it.

Dry Lean Concrete

Aggregates, such as gravel, crushed stone and cement, are blended together with minimal water, making them less porous and more durable. It is primarily used as a base or foundation layer.

Pervious Concrete

Made of blended cement, coarse aggregates, and water, with little to no fine aggregates. It allows water to pass through, reducing runoff and improving groundwater recharge.


Our RMC plants across Chennai and Serviceable areas in and around Chennai

We cover all areas under a radius of 20km from each of the RMC plants. Locations on Map

To make Aditya RMC, we get sand from our Mathur quarry. We get different sizes of sand, like m-sand, 12mm and 20mm sand, which form our fine and coarse aggregates.

We pick the best cement from Ultratech, Ramco, Bharati, and Zuary. We will add the cement to the mix later.

To help with the curing process, we add some fly ash admixtures. They reduce the heat generated during curing. Additionally, we use GGBFS to increase the strength and workability of the concrete.

The Aditya RMC Process

Once we have all the ingredients, we'll mix them in the right proportions in our batching plant to create the concrete mix you need for your project. 

We also test the mix for workability and consistency and make adjustments if necessary.

After that, we transport the mixed concrete to the job site and pour it into the formwork. We make sure to properly consolidate and finish the concrete for a high-quality final product

With 4 RMC plants in Chennai's periphery and number of special RMC mixes developed for specific construction needs, we are one of the largest suppliers of RMC in Chennai.



Contact us for the perfect concrete solution for your construction project!

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