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Longer Retention Concrete

Aditya offers Longer Retention Concrete to take control or postpone concrete setting at any time on your project or structure. It helps when your project site distance is long from your concrete supply or when the ambient temperature affects your concrete setting.

Our LRC effectively slows down the cement hydration process but has no adverse effect on the performance of concrete.

We give more time for your crew to place concrete and directly reduce risk in adverse situations.

Longer retention for 4-6 hours- Can be poured without further agitation

Reduces the risk of costly repairs

Reduces the risk of site personnel demanding the addition of water

Has no adverse effect on the properties of hardened concrete


A site delay or a construction site that necessitates transporting concrete for over 3 hours due to distance or congested traffic conditions

High cement concrete that sets very rapidly

Long-haul requirements

RCC columns

patterned or stamped concrete







2300 to 2600 +/- 50kg/cum


Compressive Strength

80 to 150mm

(28 Days)- 20 to 40 + N/sqmm

Concrete Properties

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